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For over one-hundred years, East Providence High School in Rhode Island has produced the highest caliber of scholars and citizens. Today, EPHS upholds this tradition of excellence and maintains a strong sense of community. We strive to move forward in this changing world and meet the challenges of the Twenty-First century. East Providence High School is the Home of Townie Pride.

2016-17 School Schedule & Student Schedule Announcement

1.  CLICK HERE for the 2016-17 School Schedule

2.  STUDENT SCHEDULE Announcement:

Guidance Counselors will be working on finalizing all students schedules beginning on August 22nd. All classes need to be balanced and student schedules will be checked to verify that all student requests can be accommodated. Schedules will be live for parent and student prior to Opening Day, as in passed years.


2016 Summer Assignments

Please click on the link below for the 2016 EPHS Summer Assignments:

Note:  The Math Summer Assignments have been converted to pdfs, so all math problems will appear when printing them out.




Aug. 31 First Day of School: Ninth Graders & Sept. 1 First Day of School: Entire Student Body

The first day of the 2016-17 Academic School Year for ninth graders only is August 31, 2016. The first day of 2016-17 Academic School Year for the entire student body is September 1, 2016.


12th Grade Students: Health Requirements

Attention Parents: According to RI law, all seniors are required to have a 2nd Meningitis vaccine on or after 16 years of age in order to be in compliance with regulations. Students who are not in compliance can/will be excluded from school by the administrative head of the school, pending the completion of the required dose of vaccine. Students are also required to have a physical examination.

Pertussis Advisory

This is to advise you that one student at your child's school has pertussis. Your child may have been exposed. You should be aware of the signs and symptoms of pertussis, know what to do and when to keep your child home. If you contact your health care provider, please share this information with him or her. Additional clinical and laboratory guidance may be found at http://health.ri.gov/publications/guidelines/treatmentmanagementandrepor... and on the CDC website at http://www.cdc.gov/pertussis.


Please click here to read the annual compliance letter by the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA).  


2016-17 School Calendar

CLICK HERE for the 2016-17 school calendar

August 31: First Day of School for Ninth Graders

Only ninth graders will begin school on August 31st.

September 1: First Day of School for Entire Student Body

All students wiill report to school on September 1.

September 16: Class of 1966 Reunion

Please click on the Alumni tab, Reunion Information.

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